Are You CLOSER or FURTHER AWAY?? - February 1, 2016

Jiu Jitsu in Arlington TX

ARE YOU 1 MONTH CLOSER or 1 MONTH FURTHER AWAY?? Good morning from Team Alvarez, it’s FEBRUARY 1 of 2016.

Did you GRIND the Entire Month of January or just some of it?

Did you Cheat on your Healthy Lifestyle Change or did you Stay Disciplined?

Did you Allow Yourself, Family and/or Friends TALK you OUT of coming to Jiu Jitsu Class or Working Out?

Congrats to All of You that are 1 Month Closer to your Desired Goal!!

For those that are 1 Month Further Away, well, it’s Not Over! You have a Brand New Month to Get After It!


#BeUncommon #DontBeAverage #AverageSucks