Our Adult Basic program provides students with a curriculum in mind that provides a solid foundation in Positions, Escapes, Sweeps and Submissions. Classes consist of a warm-up, technical drilling, positional sparring, and free sparring designed to ingrain the fundamental movements of Jiu-Jitsu into a student’s muscle memory. Students of any age, gender, no matter what kind of shape or athleticism will fit right in. There is NO pressure from the instructors and we encourage our beginner students to take their training at their own pace and take breaks whenever they feel necessary. After a student has been training for a little while and starts to get acclimated to the training, that’s when the instructors will encourage and help the student push a little further to help them reach their goals.


Our Adult Advanced Jiu Jitsu program has a separate and more advanced curriculum for those that have been training Jiu Jitsu for about a year or so. After developing solid basics and fundamentals to create a strong foundation, students are ready to move up to some more advanced training that includes more advanced techniques, drills, sparring and training partners. In the Advanced program, students have been training from a range of about 1 to 10 years (4 Stripe White Belts to Black Belts) and are used to longer rounds of sparring and can be pushed a little harder than those in the Basic program.


Is for those students interested in competing and looking to take their game to the next level. Our Competition program is World Class with a World Class Instructor that travels with the Competition Team anywhere and everywhere. Our competition team has traveled and competed in Tokyo, Rome, Paris, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Abu Dhabi and Lisbon, Portugal along with numerous tournaments across the state of Texas and across the country. The students on our competition team all support each other 150% and help push each other day in and day out to see one another succeed. There is NO room for students on our competition team for those that are selfish, have their own agenda when they come to train and are not willing be there for one another. Our competition team has produced numerous champions in most of the IBJJF smaller events to the Pan Ams, Worlds and NO GI Worlds along with NAGA, Grapplers Quest, Fight to Win, ADCC Trials, NABJJF, WJJC, CBJJO, Gracie Grappling Cup, TXBJJ and many more.

Here are just a few notable accomplishments that members on our Competition Team and Coach have achieved recently:

  • 4X TXMMA Coach of the Year for Coach Alvarez – 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • 3X TXMMA – Competitor of the Year for Coach Alvarez -2012, 2013, 2014
  • 3X TXMMA Academy of the Year – 2012, 2013 & 2014

So whether you are a Beginner, an Advanced player or Competitor we have the right program for you. We also have a World Class Instructor that will hop in a car or plane at anytime to travel with his Team to help guide them to victory and will not leave them by themselves . Call or us Now at 817-308-0663 or just fill out our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL form to the right to be on your way to accomplishing goals you never thought possible. See you on the mats soon!