Exciting Classes: Alvarez Jiu Jitsu will provide your child with exciting classes that they will truly enjoy! Most children naturally start to wrestle on their own. Whether it be with a friend or family member in the living room, backyard or playground. You always have to tell them to stop before they break something. We help harness all of that awesome energy they have and show them how to grapple (wrestle) properly. So many parents tell us that when their child misbehaves, threatening to take away their jiu jitsu training is the Only thing that will get them back in order. This is how much fun our classes really are. We focus your child’s energy in a positive and productive manner while giving them Life skills.

Kids Jiu Jitsu classes in arlington tx

Bullies: When it’s time to go Back to School, which should be a Fun and Educational time, it’s also time to have to deal with Bullies. Unfortunately for a lot of kids, it’s Not so fun as it’s back to getting picked On by Bullies!

Alvarez Jiu Jitsu can help provide your children with the skills they need to have a Safe, Fun and Great school year!

Let Alvarez Jiu Jitsu help Prepare them for SUCCESS by building up their Self Esteem, Build More Confidence and give them the Proper Self Defense Techniques they need to Become Bully Proof!

Your child will become “bully proof” as we teach them how to avoid bad situations by “Thinking Smart”, giving them the Confidence they need to Stand Up for themselves. We teach them to only use physical force (martial arts) as a LAST resort and to NEVER use their martial arts training as a way to Bully someone.  Our students are constantly reminded that Respecting others is the best way to help them make more friends and accomplish more.

Better Grades: Our kids jiu jitsu program encourages and promotes students to set a goal of getting all A’s! We know that for some of our students all A’s comes kind of easy but for those that struggle, we really encourage them to try their best to achieve all A’s. Our students are always Praised for their hard work in the classroom as we read off and announce when students bring home awesome grades. Our program offers a lot more than just self-defense. It is an educational program that will give your child the discipline needed to study, complete homework and organize their time wisely.

Leadership Skills: To help them succeed in life, Alvarez Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will teach your child how to use a few very important principles like:

  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Loyalty
  • Discipline
  • Hard Work

to help them step up to be a Leader that will Help and Serve others.

Physical Fitness: Our kids program is built to get your child into shape by improving their stamina, agility and coordination that will help them in their day to day activities along with any other sport they play. Our program also teaches students about Health and Nutrition. Our program teaches students about making Healthier choices when comes to what they decide to eat. We explain the importance of eating more healthier foods like fruits, vegetables and lean meats instead of high sodium and fattening foods like burgers, fries and sodas. More and more students begin to change their eating habits for the better. They even get their parents to start making healthier choices :)

Chores and Helping Parents: Our program explains to all students that their parents do a lot for them and that they should not be taken for granted. Our program really encourages students to help their parents out around the house starting with simple chores like making sure that their bedrooms are clean and their beds are Fixed. We explain that helping Taking Out the Trash, Putting Away Dishes, Vacuuming and so forth are huge help to their parents. We understand parents are very busy these days and that trying to get certain morals and values instilled into your child is tough. Alvarez Jiu Jitsu will help reinforce Respect, Discipline, Honesty, Hard Work and Goal Setting in a Positive and Fun learning environment.

Don’t wait another day! Let’s us help you guide your child or children in the right direction to become the best they can be. Call 817-308-0663 or fill out the 30 Day FREE Trial form to your below to start your child on the path to better health, eating habits, grades, conditioning and leadership skills.