THE AMERICANS MAKE HISTORY! Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX Win Big at the 2014 CBJJ Brasileiro - May 5, 2014

alvarez bjj in arlington tx

The Americans (Gringos) Make History! Read how the Alvarez BJJ academy in Arlington TX are one of the few American Teams to have competitors win or place at the Brasileiro!  May 1 – May 4, 2014, was the 2014 CBJJ Brasileiro (Brazilian Nationals) that was held in Sao Paulo, Brasil inside the Ginasio Jose Correa. Competitors from all over Brazil and the World traveled into Sao Paulo to see who would earn the right to be called a Brazilian Nationals Champ.

Team Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX sent 4 of their top competitors to test their skills in one of the toughest Jiu Jitsu tournaments on the planet. They had 3 out of the 4 competitors take home medals and have 8 0ut of 11 matches won, be via Submissions.

alvarez bjj in arlington tx

First up on Day 1 of the 2014 Brasileiro for Team Alvarez BJJ was Natalia Shepler, fighting in the Blue Belt Light Feather division. Natalia won her 1st round match by Modified Rear Naked Choke, won her 2nd match by Bow N Arrow Choke and then fought hard but came up short in the Semi Finals by points to take home the Bronze Medal.

alvarez bjj in arlington tx

Next up on Day 2, was both Danielle Alvarez and Jordan Shepler. Danielle started the day off right for Team Alvarez Jiu Jitsu in Arlington TX by winning her 1st round match in the Purple Belt Feather Weight division with her favorite Bow N Arrow Choke after being up on points 13-0. Danielle then won her 2nd match by Kimura from inside the Mounted Triangle Choke and then later came up short in the Semi Finals to take home the Bronze Medal.

alvarez bjj in arlington tx

Later in the afternoon and evening was Mr. Jordan Shepler putting on a fantastic display of Heart, Technique and Skill fighting in both his Purple Belt Master 1 Weight Class and the Absolute.  Mr. Shepler won his 1st match by Wrist Lock submission off the Omoplata, then won his 2nd and 3rd round matches by Points. He then came up short in a super tough Finals match to take home the Silver Medal. Not being satisfied with the 2nd place, Mr. Shepler threw his hat in the ring for the Absolute division where he had 3 fights and won with 3 submission victories to earn the Title and the right to be called a Brazilian Nationals Champ!

alvarez bjj in arlington tx

alvarez bjj in arlington tx

Last but not least was Professor Danny Alvarez, head instructor of Alvarez BJJ, fighting in the Black Belt Master 2 Feather Weight division that had 17 competitors in his division. Professor Alvarez had one heck of a battle in his 1st round match where he had to come back from being down on Advantages to score 2 points and then hold his opponent off from scoring to get the win. Professor Alvarez then had another hard fought battle in his Quarter Final match where he came up short on points and just missed the Medal rounds.

alvarez bjjj in arlington tx

Even though Professor Alvarez came up short of the Medal Rounds, he was very proud that all 3 of his students either placed or won in one of the hardest tournaments in the World. The 3 Team Alvarez BJJ students that placed were the only few American (Gringos) that made it to the Medal Podium at the 2014 Brasileiro. The Alvarez BJJ academy in Arlington TX showed once again that they have World Class competitors with World Class Jiu Jitsu. Team Alvarez have also had competitors that either won or placed in Lisbon, Portugal, Rome, Italy, Tokyo, Japan, Toronto, Canada, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and now Sao Paulo, Brasil. Congrats to everyone that put it all on the line once again as many do not know what it takes or the sacrifices that are made to accomplish and achieve goals like this.  Keep up the great and hard work Team Alvarez BJJ.

You can see the full CBJJ Brasileiro results here:

Check out some the action from the 2014 Brasileiro below.


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