The Tyler Long Bullying case dismissed! Rome, GA- A Federal judges ruling is another shock to the Tyler Long family that has already felt so much pain by dismissing the case brought by the parents of Tyler Long, saying the school system was not responsible for the students suicide.  U.S District Judge Harold Murphy said that the school did not “have a custodial relationship” with the young man and the defendants did not have a constitutional duty to ensure Long’s safety from others. Tyler Long committed suicide after constant bullying by classmates. The recent film ‘Bullying’ is a documentary on the life of Tyler Long and according to the film, affects 13 million US school kids each year. Why are kids in school being bullied? Some kids are seen different in one way or another because of different backgrounds or race and are sometimes abused physically and/or emotionally.

Bully Movie Trailer:

Some of the warning signs to look for are according to www.stopbullying.gov are:

  • unexplainable injuries
  • lost or destroyed clothing or books
  • changes in eating habits, skipping meals or binge eating. Kids may come home from school hungry because they did not eat lunch
  • difficulty sleeping or nightmares
  • declining grades, loss of interest in school work or not wanting to go to school
  • sudden loss of friends or decreased self esteem
  • feelings of helplessness or being depressed
  • self destructive behaviors like running away from home, harming themselves or talking about suicide

The Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program in the Arlington and Mansfield, TX area takes the time to talk and discuss bullying to their kids program to explain the importance of treating others with respect. Having these talks on a frequent bases helps the kids in the Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program better understand that saying positive things instead of negative things and helping others instead of hurting others gets them much further in life.

Team Alvarez BJJ Battle the Bully Program: